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How to choose the right competitive gaming chair surface material


Before choosing the right chair surface material, we fi […]

Before choosing the right chair surface material, we first need to study the related requirements of human body temperature and humidity comfort. When the ambient temperature is neutral, the human body will feel comfortable, and the human body will maintain thermal balance with the external environment, and will neither sweat nor be too cold. When this balance is broken, the human body will produce more heat through chills, or expel the heat in the form of evaporation through sweating. Therefore, whether the body temperature can be properly maintained or the heat can be dissipated in time has become an important measure of the chair surface material. index.
The spine of a normal human body has three physiological curvatures. They do not grow in a straight line due to physiological needs. The thoracic spine is convexly kyphotic, and the cervical and lumbar spine is convex forward. Viewed from the side, the spine is like a connection of two Ss. Due to this physiological characteristic, the waist and back cannot be placed on the same plane. Therefore, if you want to achieve a comfortable sitting posture, the design of the chair back should conform to the natural spine curve.

Therefore, a properly designed work chair should have the following two supporting points for the human back:
1. There is an adjustable curved surface on the upper back to support the kyphotic thoracic spine.
2. There is an adjustable lumbar pad at the back waist to support the lordotic lumbar spine.
3. Adjustable neck brace. For users who need to recline and relax their head and neck frequently, the height and angle of the neck brace determine the fatigue of your cervical spine. A reasonable neck brace height should be adjusted to the third to seventh section of the cervical spine. Make the cervical spine get the necessary support, effectively relieve the fatigue of the cervical spine. An adjustable neck pillow at the head and neck to support the lordotic cervical spine is essential to relieve fatigue.