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How to maintain the leather gaming chair


PU material is a synthetic artificial leather material. […]

PU material is a synthetic artificial leather material. Compared with leather, this material is more beautiful and easier to take care of. The armrest of the seat is made of pu material. In the cleaning process, generally use a wet towel to gently wipe it, and most of the stains can be removed. If necessary, leather cleaner or leather brightener can be used to make the pu material more shiny and durable. As for the mesh cloth, some of the team’s customized gaming chairs are the mesh cloth used for the backrest or cushion cover of the chair, which can be washed and cleaned with a brush. The material of this mesh cloth is wear-resistant and air-drying faster, so there is no need to worry about the possibility of brushing. 

Because the leather is not very breathable, the user’s back is prone to sweat in summer, so the leather office chair that you just bought, the home sports gaming chair, and the white Internet cafe gaming chair should use maintenance wax to smear a protective film on the office chair to prevent sweat Dirt and dirt are immersed in the epidermis of the leather office chair. Of course, do not scrub with water. Drying it for a long time will cause the leather to harden, and it will not feel as soft as it was when you first bought it. The maintenance time is usually once a month. For the summer season when sweating is easy, you can maintain it once a week.
Angle adjustment of the seat and back Taking a break can protect the health of the sitting user.
Sliding wheels Sliding wheels can help you quickly move within the appropriate range. Due to the different floor materials, in addition to flexible steering, smooth rolling, pressure and wear resistance, you should also pay attention to the material of the chair wheel when choosing the chair wheel; Firm and durable, does not scratch clothing.