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How to refresh the gaming chair and make it new again?


1. Get rid of sweat: As you may already know, most gami […]

1. Get rid of sweat:
As you may already know, most gaming chairs are covered with PU leather. Since this is a coated synthetic material, this gaming chair tends to peel off when exposed to sweat and friction repeatedly. Unfortunately, once the divestiture begins, it cannot be recovered.

Since sweat is naturally acidic, it is not surprising that it produces this effect over time. The good news is that you can do something about it. For example, you can avoid contact with the chair with bare skin first, because you can also make sure to let it dry completely after showering before putting it back on the chair.

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2. Establish a game chair cleaning day:

A very good habit is to give your chair a proper cleaning every two weeks or even every week (especially if you live in a more humid climate). It seems that other work needs to be added, but it is actually worth the extra 15 minutes or so. This regular cleaning program will help reduce dirt and grime that inevitably accumulate.

You should quickly sweep or vacuum to remove large dust particles on the chair, and then wipe the leather with a slightly damp microfiber cloth. If you want better results or to solve some annoying stains, you can add some leather cleaner when wiping the chair.

If your chair is decorated with leather, you should use leather conditioner at least once every three months to keep the chair fresh and soft!

3. Temperature:

Another good way is to keep the ambient temperature cool and keep the chair away from direct sunlight or heat.

4. Keep dry:

Although we have already mentioned this, we need to remind you that you should keep all liquids away from the upholstery of expensive chairs, especially when it comes to fabric or suede. These materials are not as water resistant as PU leather, so the possibility of accidental spillage should be minimized as much as possible.

However, in the event of unavoidable accidental spillage, please use a dry cloth or paper towel to quickly absorb the liquid onto the fabric. Make sure not to rub the cloth, as this may cause further staining. For any stubborn stains, please wipe gently with fabric cleaner.