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What are some things you don’t know about office chairs?


We spend more time sitting in office chairs than anywhe […]

We spend more time sitting in office chairs than anywhere else. Whether in a traditional office or working remotely, chairs play a very important role in our lives. The chair provides us with more work time support. The quality of office furniture is directly proportional to productivity and employee efficiency. Furniture designed specifically for office work can provide more functions and a pleasant experience in the office. Here are some things that office chairs might surprise you:

1800s: the first chair with wheels
Nowadays, most office chairs are equipped with wheels, which can move to any place quickly and freely and work faster. Wheels make fluid move easily. Today, office chairs without wheels are rare. Charles Darwin invented the first such chair in the 1800s.

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German Chancellor Otto von Bismarck promotes office chairs
In the mid-nineteenth century, when the workplace culture gradually transformed into a more office-like environment, many employees sat for a long time. Then, German Chancellor Otto von Bismarck introduced office chairs in Parliament and popularized them.

We spend 2,200 hours and more time to sit each year
According to a survey, office workers spend more than 2,200 hours sitting in office chairs each year. We spend a lot of time sitting in office chairs, which may cause time to pass. Therefore, purchasing a high-quality ergonomic office chair can provide you with more flexibility and comfort, allowing it to work for a long time.

Handrail...is there?
The provision of handrails is very important. Equipped with adjustable armrests, workers have the opportunity to maintain the correct position of the forearms and also help maintain the correct posture. Armrests that can move up and down while sitting on a chair.

The design of the office chair focuses on ergonomics
Now, the design of office chairs pay more attention to ergonomics, which means that they are specifically designed to support human posture. The ergonomic seat is strictly designed to ensure maximum comfort and support, including adjustable armrests, adjustable seat, lower back support and soft cushions.

The right office chair can prevent injuries
Sitting incorrectly for a long time may cause muscle pain, joint stiffness, pain, sprains, etc. Therefore, the correct office chair is very important to protect the back from waist strain. The design of the ergonomic chair not only provides comfort.

Backrest chair
Nowadays, the mesh chair is becoming more and more important because of its open fabric for air circulation. Sturdy seats provide more comfort and ensure workers stay cool for a long time. The mesh texture is also flexible and elastic in nature.