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What gaming chairs does Yuhang launch?


In order to make gaming seats more durable, good gaming […]

In order to make gaming seats more durable, good gaming seats usually use leather materials and high-density sponge filling, which can better solve the above two major problems. The mainstream e-sports seats currently on the market all adopt similar solutions. However, new problems follow. Just like car seats, leather e-sports seats will also face the problem of hot summers and cool winters, especially because of the poor air permeability and the stuffy feeling of e-sports seats. It is difficult to solve completely.

In order to solve the problem of hot and stuffy gaming Chairs with 4d armrest, the first thought in the industry is to use mesh cloth instead of leather and high-density sponge. However, although the mesh cloth is breathable and comfortable, it faces the problem of durability. With the use of the seat, the ordinary mesh chair will become loose and poorly wrapped. This experience is not as good as the traditional electric Competition seats.

After a long period of research and development and exploration, the gaming seat brand Yuhang found that only the spring needs to be added to the design of the gaming seat, and the spring is connected to the frame and the mesh surface. The addition of the elastic system not only allows the seat The softness is better, and the durability of the mesh is improved. The tension of the spring and the elasticity of the mesh can ensure the lasting elasticity of the seat.

After solving the mesh problem, Yuhang launched a new aerospace gaming net chair, which brings a breathable and super elastic experience through the combination of a polymer elastic mesh surface and a spring. Coupled with the racing seat frame, it brings better wrapping and support, making the seat more comfortable.

Some players may have questions, net chairs are very comfortable in summer, but what should we do in winter? In fact, the Yuhang  Gaming Net Chair also took this issue into consideration, providing a flannel and leather seat cover. In winter, the net chair is put on the seat cover, which perfectly solves the problem of cold winter. Imagine that the soft suede wraps you in winter, and the unique spring elastic system of the Air Gaming Tennis Chair supports this soft touch. How comfortable it is.