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What is the best sitting posture?


Sit up straight with your back to your shoulders and yo […]

Sit up straight with your back to your shoulders and your feet flat on the floor.

The weight should be evenly distributed on both hips and should touch the back of the chair.

Avoid sitting in the same position for more than 30 minutes.

The monitor should be directly in front of the user, and should keep a certain distance from the arm, and the top of the screen should be level with the eyes.

When typing, the keyboard should be placed in front, and a gap of about four to six inches (100-150 mm) should be left in front of the table to rest the wrist.

The elbows should be kept close to the body.

If the height of the table is not adjustable,China pu gaming Chairs the feet should be fully supported on the floor, or a footrest can be used.

When sitting upright or leaning back slightly, you should fully support your back with proper lumbar support.

There should be a well-padded seat support for the thighs and buttocks. Place it parallel to the floor.

The height of the knees and hips should be approximately the same, and the feet should be slightly forward.

At work, looking into the distance, or even just closing your eyes regularly, will rest your eyes. "This is your eyes are completely relaxed."