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What is the difference between general chairman and executive chairman?


A common misconception about GM chairman and executive […]

A common misconception about GM chairman and executive chairman is that the GM chairman is the general manager of the company, while the executive chairman is the company’s executives and other directors. Executive chair is usually called-boss chair or high-end office chair. The truth about them is that they have different characteristics.

The executive chair provides a high degree of comfort, and is very luxurious and luxurious in use. They look stylish and are made of leather and artificial leather. Ordinary chairs are very common in offices and are used for desks. They are swivel chairs with less adjustable functions but adjustable height.

Health effects
Ordinary chairs help relieve pain in the workplace, such as back pain, loss of flexibility, and arm and neck pain, and support inland areas. The executive chair is very comfortable gaming Chairs with 4d armrest for sale, helps reduce the risk of soreness, pain and long-term health problems, and can support the entire upper body.

• Ordinary chairs are very compact, which helps increase employee productivity.
• Executive chairs are usually taller, but durable and made of high-quality materials to ensure product warranty and warranty. The executive chair gives the entire office a unique sense of luxury.
• Depending on the purpose of the chair, you can choose between two types of chairs: the universal chair is designed for long-term mobile use so that employees can easily move from one table to another. This kind of chair is very effective for employees who often move from one place to another (such as a receptionist or assistant).
• The executive chair is designed for long-term static use, so employees who do not need to move from one place to another can sit comfortably. This type of chair is usually designed for bosses (such as bosses) who often sit in one place.

According to the quality provided by the two chairs, such as comfort, usability, quality, support, etc. Ordinary chairs are cheaper, and executive chairs are expensive, but they provide excellent features, such as the best comfort, product guarantee, etc.

Therefore, depending on your budget usage and office style, you can choose wisely between two types of chairs.

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