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What is YuHang's advanced gaming seat concept?


The emergence of the aerospace gaming net chair not onl […]

The emergence of the aerospace gaming net chair not only solves the pain points of traditional gaming Chairs, but also brings a more advanced gaming seat concept, that is, modularity. We can understand the flannel and leather seat covers As a part of modularity, it is a kind of material module. In addition, the Direx Air gaming net chair also provides modules such as cup holders, foot rests, and tablet supports, which can be used to make the chair a small office or resting platform.

Different from other e-sports equipment, such as computers, as the configuration continues to upgrade, we will gradually upgrade the computer. The computer is a constantly upgraded device for players. As for e-sports seats, it usually takes several years to sit on after they are bought. Unless they are broken, they will generally not be replaced. This also allows us to consider the comfort of e-sports seats when purchasing e-sports seats. .

Comfort has now become one of the core elements of an e-sports seat and requires a lot of R&D investment. Therefore, regardless of the shape of the e-sports seat, it is just a chair. It still requires strong technical capabilities. Take the Yuhang gaming net chair as an example. The research and development investment of this gaming seat is at the million level. After a lot of research and development and experimentation, a comfortable sitting feeling is finally realized.

Comfortable seats are more likely to be favored by users, so what is the future development direction of gaming seats? In addition to comfort, what new features will e-sports seats have? Direx gave his own answer, which is modularity. Through different modular designs, the gaming chair is given a more versatile performance.

With the emergence of aerospace gaming net chairs, the modular concept of gaming seats also makes it possible to upgrade gaming seats. We can add accessories to gaming seats, so that gaming seats have more functions .

The emergence of the aerospace gaming net chair is just the beginning, and the aerospace modular design concept will also bring a new development direction for the gaming seat industry. After innovatively adopting the combination of spring + mesh, Direx will also set off a new revolution in the modularization of gaming seats.