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Why do gamers need gaming chairs?


1. First of all, the visual experience is more in line […]

1. First of all, the visual experience is more in line with the player's state of the game. For example, when andaseat designed a special chair for gaming, it fully considered the player's immersive experience. Through the richness of colors, Different types of products have been designed for PVC leather, such as Andest’s Throne of God of War, Throne of Phantom, Throne of Red Flame, Shadow Series, etc. The name of the product makes the players very burning, and the appearance of the product is also very strong. Fit the theme. The player can complete a game more immersively from the beginning of the seat, which is also a feeling that ordinary computer chairs cannot bring.

2. Secondly, the special seat for gaming is a special seat that conforms to the principle of ergonomics in the true sense. This is the key to distinguish the core of ordinary seats. Many professional players have been planted by andaseaT Andest, because it is based on "ergonomics". In every special chair for gaming, the feeling of human sitting is fully considered. , The human body's lumbar spine, shoulders, arms, and hips are carefully designed to allow gamers to relieve the discomfort and fatigue caused by sitting for a long time.

3. In addition, gaming-specific chairs are more secure than ordinary seats. As long as they are brand-specific gaming-specific chairs, they will strictly use standardized materials on the air pressure rod and seat frame. Just like the Andest gaming chair that appeared in domestic gaming competitions, its air pressure rod has passed SGS level 4 certification, and the integrated stainless steel frame, which emits toughness from the inside, makes the product itself high-quality Outstanding. Let game players feel more at ease and enjoy their seats, this design is really a lot of fans of Andest circle.

In short, the arrival of the electronic dedicated chair is an inevitable product of the development of the e-sports business, and its advantages are obvious. Just like the andaseaT e-sports chair, helping e-sports players to become more immersed in competition is the original intention of product design.

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